Saturday, June 9, 2007

Festival prep work - beaded shawl

When this beaded shawl is finished, it will hang on one of my dolls for the festival. I first drew the pattern and then transferred it to a piece of brain tan leather. I use beads ranging in size from 11-12.
I initially learned to bead from this woman named Debra Eiswald whom I met at The Battle of Mississinewa 1812 (reenactment). Everything at this festival was authentic and period oriented. It was like walking into whole other world. The world of 1812. All of the participants in this festival dressed according to the time period. Just amazing!!
So, I was walking along and I came across this Native American Beaded clothing that was stunning and I was so entranced that I hooked up with Debra later in the year for my first lesson in beading. She is an amazing artist. To bad she doesn't have a website.

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