Sunday, May 18, 2008

Crudely Carved Sculpture Piece

Came across this crudely carved Indian doll I had made about 15-20 yrs ago. I wasn't big into making dolls back then, just experimenting.
He is carved from cedar wood and his hair is that of horse hair. The body and leather loin cloth are painted with acrylic paints. Never got around to finishing the base, maybe one of these days!


Anonymous said...

This is very very beautiful.


Anonymous said...

will you be carving sculptures like this one again?

i'd like to know more about what this piece means to you and what inspired you to carve it?


Ginger said...

Gorgeous If i had him i would call him delighted prayer his face looks like his please with heaven and earth. promised might be his name too.I love him and i love native american art.Well done!