Monday, October 19, 2009


I ran out black pepper last week and was left with this wonderful canister, so I created Mickey.

Just finished up back to back birthday parties for my kids and I'm done until next year! My kids are two years apart, but their birthdays are 9 days apart, so the month of Oct. is very busy for me. Physically it seems that my ability to bounce back from highly energized situations takes a lot longer than it use to. Thank God my husband is right in the mix helping me out to the very end! I am very blessed to have such a wonderful partner!


studioJudith said...

Congratulations on surviving the BirthdayMonth .. .
creating this adorable Mickey!
Love the finish on the tin and
the thread.


Carla Trujillo said...

Hello Judith!!
Sometimes I look at the hubby and ask whose idea was it to have children with the same birth month?!
Month of Oct. is definitely busy!

I was intrigued with some art work that had threads hanging and thought to give it a try on one of my dolls. I kind of like the look and feel it gives.