Thursday, November 12, 2009

Assemblage - Life

The black fibers surrounding the figure came out too black in the photo. She appears to be standing at a doorway or portal to gaze at life swirling all around her. One of these days I will make a piece that has a happy looking individual and not all the drama and spookiness I have been known to create. I had a lot of interesting feed back from people at the Essex Studio Tour in Oct. I heard everything from creepy to spiritual. Very dark feel to the pieces.
This piece still needs some type of hanging chain for display.


Queen of the Tea Cosies said...

hmmm. I had an extremely potent reaction to this piece. You have captured something dark and painful. Is that what you meant?

Very powerful.

Carla Trujillo said...

The colors and facial expression give the piece a sense of mourning, which I think is the darker side of our lives.
My intent wasn't to capture dark and painful but it always seems to lead down that path.
It kind of contradicts what is happening in my life currently, which is I'm at a good and peaceful place in my life.

rnjenny1 said...

Happy is over rated in art. I love this.

Carla Trujillo said...

Thanks rnjenny!