Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Abuelita Grace

"Abuelita Grace"
I've been laying low for a little while in regards to blogging and creating art and it's due to family commitments and work. However, I do try to sneak in a project or two. Abuelita Grace is a commissioned piece I did for a fellow New Mexican. She saw my work on Etsy and really liked what I created, so she contacted me. I use to do commissions many, many years ago and I grew very tired of the deadlines. I haven't really done any since then. What was different with this commission is that Christina, the client, let me work at my own pace. Thank you Christina!!!!
 I really enjoyed working on this piece with all the wonderful stuff she sent belonging to her beloved grandmother. Abuelita Grace has crochet needles for arms, hand beaded earring for the head, vintage buttons, porcelain doll legs, and a beautiful lace hanky. The doll looks better in person and I hope Christina will enjoy her as much as I did in creating her! 


realm of inspiration said...

I can tell you right now, Cristina, is smiling , feeling warmth in her (my) heart! I absolutely love her face. To think that my Grandma Grace sewed those beaded earrings long long ago... and now represent "her" face.
... perfection!
Thank you for accepting the adventure back to your New Mexico roots...

Sharmon Davidson said...

She's beautiful, Carla! And I know the inclusion of all her grandmother's personal items will make her truly precious to the patron- you've done a wonderful job!

bohemiannie! art said...

Oh, I'm positive that Cristina will TREASURE Abuelita Grace.

realm of inspiration said...

I do, I do! I will, I will... when she arrives, home.
I'd also like to share an added note about my Grandma Grace, for "bohemiannie!art"

Many years ago, in the late 1960's my father's educational work took us to live in Quito, Ecuador. My Grandma Grace was able to travel to Quito and stay a few months with us! It was her greatest and furthest journey from home, a very, very small mountain village in New Mexico.

realm of inspiration said...

Abuelita Grace is home! I am awe struck by your work,
your quality of creativity and sensitivity toward my special request, honoring my Grandma Grace. Really.

I am so fortunate to have found you! And that you are originally from Las Vegas, NM is astounding.
Bless you, Carla.
most sincerely,