Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Baby in a Box

This is one of the baby's I purchased at the doll show last Fall. I think she is a composite doll. The material in the stubby left leg looks like cork and I have no idea what happened to the foot itself.
The wooden box is from a build in take project my kids frequent at the hardware store every month. The black and white background is one of my old etching prints from many, many years ago, and the wine colored skirt is silk fabric. Now she will sit off to the side and watch me for a while.


Julie Pishny said...

I just found your blog and went immediately to your etsy store and made my doll selection....can't wait to receive it! She will be ruling my studio kingdom...blessings - Julie

stregata said...

Love the print in the background, Carla!! I would love to see more of those.