Saturday, March 13, 2010

Textured Textile

I checked out "Exploring Textile Arts" from the library a couple of weeks ago and decided to try one of the techinques in texturing fabric. Both samples above were done with the same technique but the order of the process was fudged a little. The green fabric was my first experiment and I was happy with it's out come even though I didn't follow the directions completely. The muslim in the forground was my second attempt and that was done according to directions. Can you believe that there is not one stitch in these pieces!  


stregata said...

Wow, love the structure of that fabric! Very cool!
Can I come visit you during your "heat wave"? LOL

angela recada said...

Wow! I love these!

Barbara Bruder said...

Both of those pieces are fabulous.

Sherry said...

Found you through Renate and glad I did...your work is amazing!! I love what you did with this fabric. No stitching? For a non-sewer like me, that's a huge plus!!!

Carla Trujillo said...

Renate - I shouldn't have bragged about the weather, because we are back down to 35 degrees this morning! So much for the heat wave!

Angela - Thanks for stopping by!!!

Barbara - Love the update on your blog!

Sherry - It's is pretty easy and I think I will post the process. Thanks for visiting!