Friday, August 22, 2008

Assemblage - Queen For All Time

For this assemblage, I used a black watch band and it's mechanisms from the inside. Everything else is found objects and various pieces of hardware. I've been using E6000 to adhere pieces together and it has been working really well for me.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Assemblage - "Angels Among Us"

I finished this assemblage piece a while ago and I am just now posting it. I have plans on exploring more on the angel theme, but the journey is so slow with so many other things on the front burner right now. I do try to sneak in a few assemblage pieces here and there until busy season is over.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Pics from New Mexico vacation

Victory Ranch in Mora raises Alpacas. You can feed the animals for a fee, but you need to be careful with these guys because they like to spit. There seems to be quite a few ranches in the area that are raising Alpacas.

Mountain view on the drive from Mora to Taos.

I was intrigued with all the jewelry Jen Worden was working with and so I took a jewelry making class with Tito Chavez at his gallery Tito's when I was home visiting family in New Mexico.
The last time I ever worked with a torch was back in high school and that has been a very LONG time!

This a pic of Tito and myself after 4.5 hrs of working with the torch! Loved every minute of it and learned or lets say relearned a lot. Tito has been making jewelry for over thirty years and is very good at it.

These pieces of silver were shaped by placing popcorn seeds in a can of water and then melting the silver down and pouring it into the can. The silver then curls it's self around the popcorn creating these neat little pods. They are very cool to see in person! Very organic looking.

I had two projects going on at the same time, so the picures jump from project to project. Both project are pendants made very differently.

This pile of scrap silver is waiting to be fused together without using flux or solder. This pendent will have a dichroic glass piece set in it.

The two photos above are of a bezel being soldered. This pendent will have a square shaped turqouis stone.

Fused scrap pieces of silver

The stone setting was then soldered on to the fused scraps.

My bezel actually moved on me while I was soldering it on and I left it right where it landed because it looked good off center. The little silver balls were made from small pieces of silver solder heated until they formed a ball. The rope is made from twisting two pieces of silver wire together and then soldering it on. The soldering wasn't too bad as long as you remembered not to leave the heat on too long.

Before polishing the pieces.

Finished product.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Raining Art Doll Show - California

Here's the scoop on the upcoming art doll show in California! I was so graciously invited by the very talented Tricia Anders to participate in an art show coming up in Sept. at The Tenwomen Gallery in Venice Beach California. She has invited 29 artists from across the country to show case their talents! This is going to be awesome!!

This doll is titled "Dice Baby" and is an assemblage doll. The body of the doll is handwoven wire.
This assemblage doll is titled "Marble Baby".