Thursday, June 18, 2009

WAY beyond my comfort zone!!!!!!!!!!!!

I was really intrigued with the creation of this cloth/clay doll and I had to find out how it was done! So, I dove in with both feet and signed up for the class at Gritty Arts Sudio and Clay Doll Workshop hosted by Jane DesRosier. It is not my style of doll, but my very first one for me had to be done by the book, so here it is. I had to use the bottle as a base since I'm not a big fan of stuffing. Hate stuffing!!!!!The technique to create this doll is so cool and I'm anxious to use it in creating an assemblage art doll that is my own style!!! The possibilities are endless!!
Jane DesRosier has a really wonderful setup with step by step instruction videos for creating a cloth/clay doll. Very easy to follow and members in the group are so talented!! All of the dolls created are pretty amazing.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Mixed Media Dolls

I made a few of these dolls last year and they were made out of paper. These dolls are made of wood and various types of metals. The doll on the left has a dress cut from a rusted vegetable can and the doll on the right has her dress and hat made from pieces of copper. The original paper dolls were made to display with a wooden pegs on the back just like a picture frame and these dolls display on the wall with a metal hoop.