Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas to all the wonderful people in blog land!! Yes, I had time to post today because we don't live around any family, so we didn't have to be at 2-3 places at once. It's just me the hubby and the kids. It was a very nice Christmas day, except for being stirred from a deep sleep about 2am this morning from a very excited kid! Needless to say, she never really went back to sleep and is running on empty as I'm posting this. She actually ran out of gas a few hours ago, but is fighting to stay awake. I remember those days soooooooooooo many years ago! The were fun back then when you didn't need as much rest as you do when you get much older. It's amazing and tiring to see Christmas through your childrens eyes!

Anyway, a friend of ours called early this afternoon and asked us to take a look outside on the front porch. I had a sneaky feeling what he had waiting for us. Well, we went and took a peak and found this Santa cookie jar sitting at our door step. Filled with homemade sugar cookies and this sign.
This Santa cookie jar has over ten years of wandering between our households looking for a home. Every year we keep filling it up with cookies and sending it back to them and they in turn send it back to us(no one likes the jar!). Last year we thought he was gone forever because he hadn't made an appearance, but here he stands again! It's been a long time running joke between our families.  It's really turning kind of weird because this friends wife is actually starting to like the jar and so I have to alter him in some way to make him unappealing. No one wanted him for years and now she has a crush on him! When I'm done with him, she just might change her mind. Don't worry! It will be a subtle change!

This doll was created for the recycled materials doll challenge on the Art Doll Only Group that I belong to. The body is made from an metal spice container and the dangling piece is a vintage door knob to a dresser drawer.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Last Art Show of the Season

Eiteljorg Museum In Indianapolis, IN

This is the last show of the year and I'm glad because I seem to have less and less energy and enthusiasm for some of these shows. The attendence was low because some type of basketball playoff going on the same day, so people were at pre-game parties and tailgating parties all afternoon. I should have packed it up and crashed one of those parties.

I did have a few sales and meet some really wonderful people. Let me tell you that it is a small world! I meet a couple at the this art show in Indianapolis, who live not to far from me in the greater Cincinnati area. They just happened to stop in at the museum to kill some time before the woman was flying out to visit some friends in New Mexico. Come to find out that she knows quite a bit about the small town I came from in New Mexico. At one time they were looking to purchase a house there, but decided against it. It was really cool!