Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Bird Series continues

This is a mixed media bird collage. Image is Xerographic print on muslin,and layered on blue fabric. Following layers are collaged papers adorned with several types of wire and brads. The under layers also have stamped designs,

Saturday, June 23, 2007

New Collage Pieces

These new collage pieces were done using Xerographic Printmaking technique.
This printmaking technique is similar to lithographic printmaking, however, instead of using a heavy stone, we replace it with a paper xerox copy.
The technique was vaguely familiar to me from having worked in litho many years ago in college.
I really like working with paper because it is a fast process compare to working with the stone. Stone work from what I can remember was very long and tedious.
In experimenting with this technique, I have found that you can get 2-3 prints off one image. After each print the image starts to break down and of course there is no comparison in quality of print between working the stone versus paper. Stone prints by far are superior.
Some of the pieces were embellished with brads and wire.

Monday, June 18, 2007

ATC-mixed media

Items used for this card are electrical tape, bees wax, crayons, strips from a print, hand made stamps, aluminum tape, ink, and wire. Before I came to this finished product, I had originally had the card completely covered with a very think layer of swirl colored wax. I was happy with the thick layer, but it had other ideas. It landed up cracking and I was on the road to creating something totally different.

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Art Journal

Finished another page in my journal. I bought a few neat goodies when I was in Indianapolis a few weeks ago at a huge 3-block yard sale. There are enough people who attend this sale that they bring out the food vendors and port-a-pots. Anyway, I found this women selling several films on a reel and I bought one. I also found several books for collaging.
This journal has strips of movie film and butterfly stamps from a very old book. I've also used bees wax, strips of leather, pieces of prints, and stamping.

YWCA's Women's Art Gallery Opening

Group photo of all the artists participating in the show.
The show "Revisiting Tiger Lily" opened last night and we had a really great turn out! The show pays tribute to the print club Tiger Lily, which started in 1978 at the Y. It is an all womens' gallery, but they made an exception to allow two men from the print club to exhibit their work.

My prints that I've posted earlier.

Liz's prints.

Saad's print

Rick's print

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Altered Book Club Goodies (June)

This is a project we did using dominoes. Little miniature pieces of art work on a tile piece. The whole process is really cool and the possibilities are endless!

This is a tip in page and tags I received at our monthly altered book club.

Monday, June 11, 2007

Altered Book Club (June)

Tags for exchange at monthly Altered Book Club
We are up to alphabet letters (F&G). One tag I did has flowers for the letter (F). I hand drew the flowers, used bees wax with crayons and then stamped. Actually both sides of tag have been designed differently.
The other tag is done in the color green for letter (G). I used decorative paper, aluminum tape, metal brads, feathers and rusted washers.

This is a Tip In Page I created for exchange. We are randomly assigned a person and are given a brief bio on that person just to get a feel for their likes and dislikes.

Saturday, June 9, 2007

Festival prep work - beaded shawl

When this beaded shawl is finished, it will hang on one of my dolls for the festival. I first drew the pattern and then transferred it to a piece of brain tan leather. I use beads ranging in size from 11-12.
I initially learned to bead from this woman named Debra Eiswald whom I met at The Battle of Mississinewa 1812 (reenactment). Everything at this festival was authentic and period oriented. It was like walking into whole other world. The world of 1812. All of the participants in this festival dressed according to the time period. Just amazing!!
So, I was walking along and I came across this Native American Beaded clothing that was stunning and I was so entranced that I hooked up with Debra later in the year for my first lesson in beading. She is an amazing artist. To bad she doesn't have a website.

Festival Prep Work

Here is a large batch of material that's been cut to create Native American Indian dolls for the Johnny Appleseed Festival coming up in a few months. I have never done this festival before and I heard it is pretty big, so I'm excited about that. There is a lot of work to be done.

Art Doll in progess

I came across this artist in Art Doll Quartly Magazine name Patricia Anders who made these really great art dolls and became very inspired by her talent and creations. So, after having all my supplies sit around for a while, I finally sat down and followed a tutorial she has on her website as well as a tutorial she had on an HGTV segment. I combine the two together to create my doll.
I had to create my own wire basket that serves as the base for the doll. I'm debating on whether to make her hands out of paper mache or polymer clay?
There are holes on the head that will serves as pores for horsehair I plan on using.
I hope to finish it up in the next few weeks. We have a doll show coming up at the end of the month in which our doll club was invited to participate in.

Thursday, June 7, 2007

ATC waxed print

This is an ATC card done with a hand made Indian stamp, bees wax, and crayons.

Monoprint Alteration

This originally started out as a mono print that didn't print very well so I decided to revamp it with wax, crayons, inks, and a razor blade. With the way I've been working with wax, a razor blade and wax seem to go hand and hand. I like inking various areas with ink before I place my first layer bees wax. After the first layer of wax, I work melted crayons into it and then keep on working it. I like to go back with more ink work on top of that. There is a whole lot of razor scraping in between.