Saturday, June 23, 2007

New Collage Pieces

These new collage pieces were done using Xerographic Printmaking technique.
This printmaking technique is similar to lithographic printmaking, however, instead of using a heavy stone, we replace it with a paper xerox copy.
The technique was vaguely familiar to me from having worked in litho many years ago in college.
I really like working with paper because it is a fast process compare to working with the stone. Stone work from what I can remember was very long and tedious.
In experimenting with this technique, I have found that you can get 2-3 prints off one image. After each print the image starts to break down and of course there is no comparison in quality of print between working the stone versus paper. Stone prints by far are superior.
Some of the pieces were embellished with brads and wire.


Else M Tennessen said...

Terrific set!

Anonymous said...

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studioJudith said...

These are Soooo amazing... .
each one a jewel!