Saturday, June 9, 2007

Art Doll in progess

I came across this artist in Art Doll Quartly Magazine name Patricia Anders who made these really great art dolls and became very inspired by her talent and creations. So, after having all my supplies sit around for a while, I finally sat down and followed a tutorial she has on her website as well as a tutorial she had on an HGTV segment. I combine the two together to create my doll.
I had to create my own wire basket that serves as the base for the doll. I'm debating on whether to make her hands out of paper mache or polymer clay?
There are holes on the head that will serves as pores for horsehair I plan on using.
I hope to finish it up in the next few weeks. We have a doll show coming up at the end of the month in which our doll club was invited to participate in.

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Iris Perez said...

Me encanta, chica. Te va a quedar preciosa. Iris Perez