Sunday, April 22, 2007



Spent a good part of Saturday in the print studio. I had some success with a couple of prints and this was not one of them. I actually like the plate better than the print. Hopefully I will find the time to go back to the studio to run more prints with this plate and if not I could always wait for this one to dry and frame it.
Before heading out to the studio to print I pre-soaked my paper and was ready to go when I arrived there. Some papers will soak as long as an hour.
It can be a tedious process with paper cutting, paper soaking, setting up your inks, set up for paper registration, gauge the print press, run a test to make sure pressure on the press is right, ink up your plate and then print!!!
But in the end it is all worth the work!


Amanda said...

I love the plate! Funny isn't it, how that is sometimes the way with collagraphs!

Marissa L. Swinghammer said...

Hi! I don't dislike the print, but I agree that the plate looks better. The plate is pretty awesome!