Sunday, May 27, 2007

Art Journal Page

This is one of several pages I've been working on. My attempt with this page is photo transfer and wax tranfer. The image I used was a photo of one of my collagraph's which was transfered onto contact paper and then adhered to the book with wax. When first working on the transfer, I used an ink jet picture and those do not transfer, so I used a black & white copy from a copy machine. It worked like a charm.
The wax transfer are the small square shapes throughout the piece and are located on the waxed areas. Some squares were inked onto some of the area covered with paper.
I thinks it's in the timing in transfering a picture. I was not all that successful with this process.
I also used some strips of monoprints which are adhered with glue.
Randomed inking with several colors was used throughout the page.

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