Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Serenity - Assemblage

Had a spirt of energy after getting back from X-Mas Vacation. I was so glad to be back after having spent a total of 40 hours in airports this past holiday season trying to get to New Mexico. My kids thought it was an adventure and I would have to if our flight hadn't been cancelled in the middle of our travel!! Note to remember, DO NOT travel by plane in the Winter time on the holiday season through Chicago Airport!!!
Anyway, all safe and sound with much vigor to create! This assemblage was created using a wooden box and various types of hardware, glass beads, and polymer clay. I have been using liquid nails to adhere most of the objects. A friend didn't seem to care to much for E6000. His experience with it was that in warm weather it didn't seem adhere very well. I guess personal preference.

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