Saturday, April 12, 2008

Altered Match Box Assemblage

This assemblage piece is for a swap going on over at Tejae's Art Group on Yahoo.
We basically had to take a match box and alter it. I decided to use polymer clay because I just finished up a polymer clay class with Dayle Doroshow last month and one project involved using a match box. So, I felt fairly confident with this little project!!
I altered the match box first and then realized he needed a lower body to complete him. His lower half is made from wood that has been shaped and collaged. He measures about 7" in height. The only thing left to work on is some type of rope to open the match box drawer.


Anonymous said...

Love your interpretation for the swap Carla. Great work! :D

Carla Trujillo said...

Thanks Jen!
I take it you didn't get involved with this swap after all?


Deena said...

this is a wonderful matchbox... I did not sign up for this swap... but you make me wish that I had. (I am a member of the tejaeart group) beautiful!!!