Saturday, June 14, 2008

Challenge #14 - Egg Shrine

It took me a while to finish this project!! First I was busy with the kids week long bible school and I just couldn't find anything to place inside the egg. Finally, I came across a bag of little babies at Walmart and bought them! I contemplated on cutting the arms off, but decided to leave that for another time.
After preparing the egg, I then glued a piece of cork on the inside of the egg so the baby would stand out from the back. I then placed pieces of stainless steel scrubber in the background(I purchased mine at the dollar store). The plastic baby was coated with paint and then wiped down and glued in place. The base is a very heavy and durable metal spring that had rust on it, so it seem to work well with the egg.
**Oh Yeah! The previous blog entry mentioned about my husband's grandmother putting egg shells in her garden. I found out she did that as part of recycling or compost.

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Anonymous said...

LOVE this Carla. Particularly the juxtaposition of the shiny/texturality of the pot scrubber with the rusty exterior. Great work!

FYI alot of people use eggshells crushed around the base of veggies to stop slugs which will cut themselves on the sharp edges. Gruesome visual but highly effective! ;)