Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Damien - Assemblage Art Doll

I made several wire skirts for dolls last year and I got burned out making them, so they sat on the shelf waiting for new life. I was stumped on what to use for the trunk of the doll. It takes me a little while before the light goes on and an idea pops into my head. I'm not sure if it has to do with age or having children. Maybe both! Anyway, I have moved beyond that block by creating Damien and few others I will post later. I'm trying to get a small body of work together for a show/sale in Milwaukee for the month of December.


stregata said...

Love this doll, Carla! Such a wonderful "skirt" - I can imagine the work that went into that!

Queen of the Tea Cosies said...

Everything about her is exactly right. The skull cap, the pearls, the skirt. She has a sort of ethereal quality, She is very beautiful and will be highly sort after.

Carla Trujillo said...

Renate - Thanks!
When I first started out trying to figure out how to make the wire skirt, it was labor intensive, but with time I have picked up the speed and it is a lot easier now.

Grand Purl Baa - She came together after a few trial and errors. I kind if hate to part with her! It's hard not to become attached to some of the work.

Theresa Gates Kuhr said...

I love your dolls, Carla. Great job!!
I like the one that your husband challenged you with from the washher or dryer?? too. Great story!
Keep it up...you inspire me:)
Theresa Kuhr

Carla Trujillo said...

Hey Theresa!

Good to hear from you! Congrads on your print show and good luck!