Saturday, March 6, 2010

Soon to be Baby Art Dolls

These are two little guys are just dying to donate their bodies for the sake of art. The baby on the left is a very scary baby that was given to my kids when they were little and would not go near it for about a year. It is battery operated which allows it to cry, snore as it sleeps, blink it's eyes, and moves it mouth. It is so life like that it is very scary! Looking forward to dissecting that one!! The baby on the right I found at a thrift store for $.50 and just couldn't resist. It looks like a newborn because the umbilical chord is on it and the anatomical parts show that it is a little girl. It looks like an older doll and very unusual looking.


Jen Worden said...

I think the one on the (my right) looks like Yoda and to me, is the seriously creepy one. Then again, motorized babies are just WRONG!

Can't wait to see'em arted up Cat!

Unknown said...

Sitting on the edge of my seat - I can't wait to see what you create with them!

stregata said...

I think they are both scary! Very intrigued what you will do with them.