Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Anyone Up For Critiquing My W.I.P.?

It's seems to bit of a struggle for me lately where my creativity is concerned. I can count on one hand the hours I have spent in my studio in the past four weeks. I feel burned out and wish like crazy it would hurry up and pass. I do make the effort and the doll above has been a pain in my behind!! That head just bothers me! The pic of the head below was the original one I was going to use, but I had issues with the Apoxy Sculpt not adhering to the plastic, so I selected to go with the head above. There is just something about it! I have hung that darn doll on the walls throughout my house so I can stare at him and it just won't speak to me!!! 
Am I being too critical about the poor guy? 

Head #1

I finished Blaine and Blanche today and that did bump up my time in the studio by a couple of hours.



p said...

oh my...well blaine and blanche got my attention. WOW WOWOWOWOWOW

as for the other one....i think the head is fine, the body or legs feel like something is missing.
and,is it possible to maybe fill that head that you can't get to stick with a wood plug or something and then glue it? if need be a tiny screw or pin or something through the plastic to the wood?
sorry to hear you are in burn out mode...from the looks of blaine and blanche i'd say you do pretty dang good in burn out mode ;)

Cotton Picker said...

I think you are being too critical. I like all three dolls just the way they are. As for the top one, I prefer the second head to "Head #1".

stregata said...

I think the head on No.1 is missing something - like a "halo", crown, tiara - whatever term you wish to use. Crown of small nails, maybe.
Hope you get recover from your burn out mode soon. Such a uncomfortable way to feel.

mycuriousteaparty said...

Hi Carla

Your dolls are up to your usual amazing standard, maybe you are just tired and need a break.

As for doll's head #1... the face is good, but the eyes are not right...in your 'style' if you know what I mean. Could you take them out, fill the cavities then gesso and paint the dolls head? It would put your mark on it... Just an idea..

Remember to give yourself a break... A walk is always a good idea.. The Autumn is such a beautiful time of year, enjoy.

~ Julie

Anonymous said...

I think the top doll is fine as he is, except he just needs a "dash" of color, maybe something on the chest area?

I cannot believe how many dolls you produce, maybe you just need a break and your creativity will come back? You have something totally different every day it seems, I have no idea how you continue to think up new things. But I love them ALL.

Unknown said...

I like your original vision!! I'd distress and age the head to tone down the color a bit and go with the flaws and all:)

Carla Trujillo said...

Thanks for all the feedback on the doll! You've given me things to think about.
You all are a pretty generous critique group. Back in my collage days, the instructor would have been much more critical and negative. Thank God those days are long gone!

Irish3 said...

I hate when that creative block sets in.. it's like you want to work but you just can't. Hopefully it will pass soon..
I think the doll has less going on than a lot of your other pieces, maybe that's why it's bothering you? Still looks cool to me though, I like the head.. the eyes are interesting.
The other two dolls.. love them and would spot them as yours at first glance.
Good luck!!

Carla Trujillo said...

Thanks Irish3!