Monday, July 11, 2011

Problem with Blogger!

Just wanted to let fellow artist blogging friends know that I have been visiting your awesome blogs, but have not been able to post a comment on anyones blog for a couple of months now! Luckily I can still post and reply on my own blog. There is some kind of glitch in Blogger. I have reported it but no answer yet!


p said...

YEAH RIGHT hahahaa
seriously. that sucks.
i suppose you have already tried signing out and getting rid of your cookies?

oh well you have a good excuse to be totally all about your wonderful work ! :)

stregata said...

I am sure it will be fixed soon. Hope to see some more plaster art from your studio.

mycuriousteaparty said...

Hi Carla

Hope work is going well, looking forward to seeing your plaster work soon. I've seen some of your collagraph dolls ~ amazing..

lynda Howells said...

sorry to hear about your blogging problems...thought you had been quiet on my blog lately.xx

jenclair said...

Having some of the same problems and have heard the same complaints from others!