Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Angel Divine

"Angel Divine"

I've been trying to push myself towards creating more assemblage art work that incorporates 85% - 95% found objects. I've been looking back at some of my earlier work and really miss doing that style or technique of work. I've definitely evolved through the years and I like where I'm at today, but there is that little nagging voice calling out to me to sort of return back to my roots.
Angel Divine is available here.

Artist Jen Worden was looking for a few people to practice doing assemblage pieces with items that were sent to her from that particular individual, so I sent her my box of goodies a while back and she sent me this amazing piece right before Christmas.
She is an amazing artists with such vision! I love the energy and rawness of her work!!
Thank you Jen!


stregata said...

When the muse calls - you must answer. Love the angel!

just jen said...

Oh. Yay! I'm glad she DID find her way to you. And apologies for her less than graceful way of balancing on her pedestal. Initially I got quite perturbed that she fell off so often. But then I realized she was being a metaphor for where I was emotionally. We should ALL fall off our pedestals now and then. ;)