Sunday, July 19, 2009

The Queens!

I've been trying to set a goal in creating anywhere from 2-4 pieces of art a week and that can be a stretch for me with two little ones at home and off from school. Therefore, I have to find pockets of time throughout the day to sneak into the studio that just recently had a facelift.
My husband just revamp my studio with more countertop space and shelving for storage. Why does storage seem to be such an issue. My hubby doesn't understand why I have to buy more junk when I haven't used up all the junk I already have. He has a point but it just doesn't work that way for artists.
Needless to say, I try not ask his advice on whether I should buy something because I know what the answer will be.

These are two of four pieces I completed this past week. This one is titled "Hail, Holy Queen" and she has been in the making mentally for over a year. Last year I had several pieces based on the Virgin Mary set up and they just weren't right. So, I stepped back and kind of put it on the back burner.

She finally made her way to the front burner and I'm happy with the way she turned out.

This one is titled "Queen of Hearts". The only challenge with this piece was connecting the back grill with the rest of the piece. I have been encasing my faces in a shadow boxes and really like the look.


Cathy Spivey Mendola said...

OH I'm so glad the queen made it to the front burner! She's fabulous!
The Queen of Hearts is also great.
You do such wonderful work.

Carla Trujillo said...

Hey Cathy!

Thanks! I really need to create more like her, but that's usually not the case.

Jay King said...

Pity the assembler who uses up all of her junk. There would be nothing left to do.