Wednesday, December 1, 2010

W.I.P. for Winter Market Show

"Angel Gabriel"
Trying to get last minute work done for my last show of the year!! Yeah!!! I'm tired, but motivated with new ideas to work on.
Angel Gabriel was created with only the right wing, because I really liked the way he looked. Well, there was only one problem. He was heavy on one side, so he hung off balance. I didn't have much choice but to add that other wing to make him upright. I was happy with the end results, but still pouting a little about not having only one wing!

Oh My!! What a pose! I haven't put a hook on the back for hanging yet, so I had to a find a position that would keep him upright while the glue on his hat sets. The paper on the front side is a piece cut out from one of my collagraph prints.

Cork board display in my studio, where all my little creations hang for my viewing pleasure or critique!


stregata said...

Gabriel is looking wonderful!

Jen said...

cat, fwiw, the way I've gotten around that problem in the past (unbalanced) ... glue a washer on the back on the side that needs more weight. Even better you could incorporate the "weight" into the hanger. I too love one-winged angels. :)

Lynda Howells said...

with one or two wings, think he looks greatx good luck with showxxlynda