Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Mighty Red Block Head

I've been jumped started with inspiration by Linda and Opie O'Brien 's book "Who's Your Dada". My sister sent me the book as a birthday gift and it is full of wonderful pics in the gallery section as well as step by step projects to create. I love and truely appreciate artist who are not affraid to share their knowledge and techniques with the rest of us. I'm not able to attend art retreats and books like this allow us a small peak into what I would imagine is covered in their classes. So thank you!

Wouldn't it be awesome to take an assemblage class on-line! Some of the well known mixed media artist are starting to offer some classes on-line, which is great! I hope the well known assemblage artists offer something on-line too!!


Cody Goodin said...

Nice block heads. I did a trio of sculpts called that a few years back. Mine weren't assemblage though. The O'Briens are teaching at Artfest in WA state this march. Wish I could go too. I also want to go to the Wendy Froud workshop in Chicago this April.

stregata said...

Love this! So, would you recommend the book?

Carla Trujillo said...

Hey Cody,
I would love to go to Artfest one of these years!

Hello Renate,
The book is very good and informative. If you get the book and are having any problems, let me know I will help out as much as I can!