Sunday, February 27, 2011

Mixed Media Art Doll Tulla

Tulla is made from silk fibers and a wooden thimble for the upper body. She stands about 9.25" in height and sits on a wooden base. The arms are made from coiled wire and the face is clay. A little green heart rest on her chest.


indie grrrl said...

I just saw Tulla over at Dolltown and she is AMAZING!

stregata said...

Love the skirt - all that lovely silk! Wonderful.

Weronika Galdamez said...

looks like a combination of mexican tradition and modernity, it catches attention!
ps. I've just discovered your blog, the idea of making dolls inspired by assamblage is great!

Carla Trujillo said...

indie grrrl - Thank you!

Renate - Thanks! I have plenty of silk to last a LONG time! Glad I was able to put it to use!

Weronika Galdamez - Thanks!

Craftymoose Crafts said...

Dolltown is an amazing site--Good Luck! Tulla is gorgeous!

Mystic Hills Ngaroma said...

Beautiful Tulla. I find your work very inspiring and soulful. I love the aged look of your creations.Like they have history and their own story to tell.