Monday, February 21, 2011

WIP - Minuet I

"Minuet I"

Since using some of my collagraph prints in collages, I decided to try using them on an art doll.  I really liked the way the layering of colors came out, but it was a little to crafty looking for me when I was done. So, I tried to counteract it with found objects for the torso.

Minuet II

This doll was made with vintage paper from an old book and she stands shorter than the doll pictured above.
I think using fabrics next would add a different feel.


Cody Goodin said...

I think you are on a good trail here. I have been playing around with paper in my pieces too. I am really interested in folding and may look into some origami type techniques. Looking forward to seeing the results. Good to see you Saturday too.

stregata said...

I think these are wonderful!!! I would think combining the paper and fabric could be interesting too.